Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm melting.....

Although not as drastic as the first few days, I'm holding steady at 7 pounds and the inches are melting off. It was nice to put on pants I haven't been able to wear in a while this morning and not see a 'muffin top' hanging over the sides! Oh, and my face has these things called cheekbones! I haven't seen them in a while. I like them.

So I'm one week down and one to go before I get a cheat day. I simply cannot believe my resolve. Even with my three teen boys circling the kitchen and eating such evilness as Cheetos and Doritos, I have held firm. I even went so far as to make pancakes and bacon for them and not have any. It was really trying yesterday morning when I watched my son toast a bagel and proceed to adorn it with scrambled egg, bacon, cheese and syrup! He actually apologized to me as he walked by and slipped in my saliva that had wet the floor....this is getting really tough.

The worst part about this first two weeks is the total lack of variety. It's the same combination of foods for three days and then another same combination for three days. That and the fact that with the two of us doing this, I haven't seen much more than my kitchen in a week! I spend my days cooking, cleaning and cooking again every 2 hours. Ugh.

This picture looks just like the past me. It keeps me motivated. But lord above, what I wouldn't do for a hot fudge sundae!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

7 Pounds in 3 days!

Wow, this shit really does work! I'm officially 7 down and an inch all around...I'm starting to have to fight cravings though, so I need to work extra hard this next while.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Down 5 and counting!

5 pounds down in 2 days! Yay!!

Today is the last of my red meat days (for this rotation), thank god. Tomorrow is the start of a 3-day rotation of much more pleasant whites; chicken, fish, and I can even have a potato!

I have to admit this is getting harder to do, but as long as I keep seeing results, I'll keep at it. Clearly it's working, so who am I to complain? HA, I can always find reasons to complain, but I'm working on positive thoughts.

This is how absorbed I am in this endeavor:

Last night my mom and I had a date to go see Sylvia Browne. (For those not in the know, Sylvia is a world renowned psychic/medium, who has written umpteen books and been credited with helping police solve many crimes).

We planned to meet for dinner first, and then walk down to the theatre. Being that it was only the second day of my new plan, I was focussed on making sure only to order the sirloin steak and (no fries!) green salad. We enjoyed dinner together and then walked to the theatre, where we had front row aisle seats. We had all been given a ticket when we entered the theatre. It was explained that in order to keep things fair for all, Sylvia would later do a draw, and those whose tickets were drawn would get to ask one, and only one, question.

On stage, there was a comfy chair, a microphone, and a side table, with a small vase filled with lilies, and a fan. Sylvia came out, sat in the chair and shared her astral wisdom with the audience.

We had our pee break, and then she guided through a few minutes of meditation. This would have been quite groovy, if not for the chick 4 rows behind us who spent the entire time coughing and hacking up a lung. My meditative moments were infused with angry, practice self control moments; what I really wanted to do was stand up, turn around and tell this insanely rude germ spreading bitch to take it out the lobby. What the fuck is up with that? There are 2 thousand people trying to have a meditative moment, and it doesn't occur to her that perhaps she should take her sputum elsewhere??? The audience erupted in laughter when Sylvia finished her meditative monologue, had the lights turned up, looked right at sputum queen and said "for the love of God woman, take a Vitamin C or something would you?".

Sylvia then did the draw and sure enough, pulled my ticket! I suddenly had no idea what to ask, so I offered it to my mom. She said no, if she was meant to ask a question her ticket would be drawn. So I walked up to the microphone and asked the only question I could think of on the spot. I said, "hi Sylvia, I would like to know if my business is going to be successful", to which she replied, "oh yeah. I also see something about food". I am not in the business of food, nor am I ever likely to be in this lifetime.....mom figures she was picking up on my diet. I think I should have been more specific with my question!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Two

"You're so damn beautiful in the morning. I love to watch you sleep. How did I get so lucky?"

That's what I woke up to this morning. How could a girl not have a spring in her step, waking up to love like that?

And to top it off, it would appear that yesterday's weighing, measuring and stuffing my face yielded some pretty amazing results. I stepped on the scale and it said I'm already down 4 lbs ! How can that be? I got C to step on the scale and he's down 5. Unbelievable, but very inspiring!

This morning I threw my eight egg whites into the blender with some blueberries and Splenda. Drinking them, it turns out, wasn't as bad as trying to eat a giant omelet of slimy egg whites. I can do this! I've even figured out how to stay within my limits while going out for dinner with my mama tonight; we're going to see Sylvia Brown.

Today is a good day, even if it is raining!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Beginning of Something New

I have been quite blogstipated this past while; that is, I have not been able to think of anything I felt the need to throw out there to the blogosphere.

Today though, I am starting something new.

In my past I was one of those girls everyone loved to hate. If my food didn't come in Styrofoam from some fast-food joint, or wasn't served to me by a waitress, with gravy, butter, mayonnaise and all the condiments, I didn't want anything to do with eating it. I used to despise exercise; after all, "why would I have to exert myself when I can look like this with no effort?" Pshaw!

Times have changed. I'm inching ever closer to 40 and I'm in love, happy and fulfilled for the most part (despite my previous whining, I really am!). Apparently, when you put these factors together, all in one package, it equals ZERO metabolism. In the past year, I have cut calories, cut fat, done at least 40 minutes of cardio a day, and tried Weight Watchers and starvation, and the number on the scale has continued to climb, as has the number attached to my clothing.

Today however, is a new day. I am going to blog about this daily, in order to keep myself focussed and accountable. As a typical Aries, I'm a super starter, but not such a super finisher, so hopefully this will help.

I have started a new 'eating plan'. In the past, when I've tried to 'diet', I've always failed miserably, due to my utter lack of willpower. However, the only willpower needed for this particular plan is to keep eating. Wohoo, that should be easy, right? After all, I haven't tipped the scales at 20 pounds more than I was 2 years ago by not eating! As I type this, I'm staring at my third meal of the day. It's taunting me. I can literally hear it saying "yeah, I'm gonna need you to eat me". I'm stuffed from my last meal only 2 hours ago! There is no room for cravings. I can barely find room to eat the food I need to!

Guess what I had for breakfast....??

EIGHT egg whites, a cup of oatmeal and blueberries! This is required eating. It's insane! This is a plan designed for bodybuilders to cut weight prior to competition. I'm told that when done correctly, it revs your metabolism to a point that you can eat what you want (within reason of course) after about 3 months.

Today is day one. It's extremely time consuming and labour intensive, so I can see that I'm really going to have to keep my eye on the prize. Maybe putting it out there to the universe will keep me accountable. I think I'll also hang a bikini up in my office and on my fridge...

Wish me luck!